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08/19/2014 WOCMES 2014 - DAY 2 SESSION 52 L’Algérie des années Bouteflika: nouveaux enjeux et nouvelles approches 19.08.2014 09:00-13:30 C Hall – ROUNDTABLE Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Sponsored by: L’IRMC (Tunis) Françoise Lorcerie Abdelkader Lakjaa Ahmed Ghouati: Wassila Aïssat: Mounira Chariet: 0747 Louisa Dris Aït Hamadouche: Ammaria Lachelache: Djaouida Lassel: Toufik Malek Chelih Yamina Guenaoui Leila Sidi Maoussa

SESSION 53 Moving in and out of Islam in Europe and the Middle East I 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 D Hall Moderators: Karin Van Nieuwkerk Mona Alyedreessy: British Muslim Converts: Exploring de-conversion processes to and from Islam 0244

Egdunas Racius: Lamenting the lost “sisters” and “brothers”: Lithuanian convert Muslims’ reflections on apostasy Oleg Yarosh: Muslim Brotherhood networks and Islamic activism in Eastern Europe: reinventing Islamic identities

SESSION 54 Studies on the Politics of Literature: Translations and Critical Discourse Analysis 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 F14 Moderators: TBA; D:TBA 0409

Yasmine Aly Salah El Din: The self and the other: Will the twain ever meet?

Neslihan Demirkol: Reading the 19th Century Ottoman Literary System under the light of patrons: How patronage influenced the flow of 1385 translation from European languages and the new Turkish literature 1348

Kaveh Ghadery: Translation; a Medium for Imposing Power and Ideology

Hale Işık Güler, Yasemin Erdoğan: The representation of gender in political discourses: a critical discourse analysis of government public 1394 addresses in Turkey

SESSION 55 Multiple Faces of Neoliberal Policies in Turkey: Networks and Local Strategies 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 F16 Moderators: Ceren Ark; Co-Chair: Işıl Erdinç; D: Bürge Abiral

Işıl Erdinç: The relations between the Trade Unions and the Political Field in Turkey during the 2000s: Local and National Political Engagement Strategies of Trade Unionist-Deputies in the National Assembly of Turkey 1154

Ceren Ark: Trading on a Dream: Neoliberal Transformation and Clientelist Exchange Müge Neda Altınoklu: The crisis of media and journalistic practices during the 2000s: How far are we from relative autonomy of the media?

SESSION 56 Turkish Model: Reality and Applicability 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 F17 Moderators: Oyamada Eiji; D: Ihsan Yılmaz, Supported by the JSPS Project “Young Researcher Overseas Visits Program for Vitalizing Brain Circulation in Graduate School of Global Studies at Doshisha University” Idiris Danismaz: A Conceptual Framework of “Turkish Model” Iwasaka Masamichi: Civilianization Process of Politics and Democratization in Turkey Yuna Iguchi: The Alevilik in contemporary Turkey: Negotiations between state and the Alevis 0367 Masako Nakaya: State Control System of Religion: Comparison of Turkey and China Emin Yilmaz: Particularities of Turkish Civil Society and its Contribution to the democratization

SESSION 57 Politics of Hamas 19.08.2014

09:00-11:00 F19 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA 1368 Fadi Zatari: Global or local? The concept of jihad according to al-Qaeda and Hamas

SESSION 58 Ancient Empires: East and West 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 FZ08 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA 0885 1345

Mohamed Saleh Solieman: Who is who in Roman Society Did Romans know racial discrimination? Leonardo Gregoratti: Loyal to the Great King: The Parthian Empire and Its Client Kingdoms

SESSION 59 Islamic Law 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 FZ09 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA 0173

Samy Ayoub: Rethinking Islamic Law and the Ottoman State: Authority, Continuity, and Revision in Late Ḥanafī Jurisprudence

Betty De Hart, Iris Sportel: “Laws that are bad for women” Dutch women in Dutch-Moroccan and Dutch-Egyptian families navigating 0924 Islamic family law 0203

Ayman Shabana: Normative status of custom in Islamic law between tradition and modernity

SESSION 60 Disparités régionales, frontières et identités Dans le contexte de la Révolution et la transition tunisiennes 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 FZ14 Moderators: Gharbi Mohamed Lazhar; D: TBA Gharbi Mohamed Lazhar: Les deux Tunisies de la Révolution Ben Aziza Hmaied: Ben Khater Houaida: El harga: représentations sociales d’une transgression 0609

Mejri Lazhar: Frontières, révolution, et terrorisme: quels rapports? Saadaoui Fawzi: La contrebande dans des zones frontalières: ou la transition en péril? Tizaoui Hamadi: Développement industriel et disparités régionales en Tunisie, 1956-2014

SESSION 61 Political Islam in Egypt I 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 FZ16 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Marwa Wasfy: The Egyptian identity and Political Islam in the post-revolutionary era 0299 0992 0830

Mauro Saccol: The Egyptian transition through al-Kawākibī’s words Jerome Drevon: The development of salafi jihadi networks after the 2011 Egyptian revolution

1460 Nataša Kubíková: Al-Nour Party: Between politicization of masses and electoral activism

SESSION 62 Contentious Politics Approaches to MENA Conflicts and Institutional Change 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 FZ17 Moderators: Yasuyuki Matsunaga; D: TBA Housam Darwisheh: Socio-political origins of the coup against Muhammad Mursi: Intra-state conflicts and regime-protest movement dynamics


Khalil Dahbi: Gradual Change, Significant Transformations: A Historical Institutionalist Account of the Evolution of Morocco’s Parliament and Political Parties Mohamed Omar Abdin: Damaging Impacts on Democracy: The Sudanese North-South Peace Process Makiko Nambu: Cultural Articulation of Palestinian Identity: Its Formation and Contestation

SESSION 63 Writers of Transformation: Memoirs, Blogs and Autobiography 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 FZ19 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Teresa Pepe: Embodied Identities in the Egyptian Blogosphere 0790 1236 0862

Renata Rusek-Kowalska: Siba-Zeynab-Ziba: the metamorphoses of an Iranian woman Norman Saadi Nikro: Edward Said: Autobiography and Critical Practice


Silke Schmidt: Scheherazade Teaching Arabs, Writing Self: Negotiating Arab American Womanhood

SESSION 64 Analysis of Literature and Media in the Gulf States 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 G101 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA 1382 0189 0488

Erdem Tunçer: The role of English language daily press in the making of Qatari national identity Nadia Wardeh: Dubai Cultural Magazine: The Quest for a “Modern Emirati Culture” Abdullah Hamoud Alfauzan: Contribution of Place towards Social Freedom and Alienation in the Saudi City - Literary Point of View

SESSION 65 Late Ottoman Economic History 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 G102 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Semih Gökatalay, Seven Ağır: Political Economy of Entrepreneurship in the Ottoman Empire during the Second Constitutional Period 1180 (1908-1918): An Analysis of Business Networks 1291 1265

Giampaolo Conte: Italian interests in the Administration of the Ottoman Public Debt Deniz Kilincoglu: The Invention of Tradition in Action: The Emergence of “Islamic Economics” in the Late Ottoman Empire

SESSION 66 Tribalism in the Middle East I: Tribe and diatribe: Anthropology meets political science 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 G104 Moderators: Najwa Adra; D: Lisa Anderson Daniel Martin Varisco: Yemen’s tribal idiom: an ethno-historical survey of genealogical models Dawn Chatty: Syrian Tribes, National Politics and Transnationalism 0455

Najwa Adra: Qabyila: Tribal Identity in Yemen Lisa Anderson: Discussant

SESSION 67 Gezi Uprising I: Dissent and Civil Disobedience 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 G106 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Ebru Deniz Ozan Aytekin: The June 2013 (Gezi Park) Uprising and the Turkish Bourgeoisie 1373 Nazli Cagin Bilgili: Let the Bridging Social Capital Win Over the Bonding: Gezi Park Protests as a Test of Consolidation for the Turkish 0632 Democracy 1269 0675

Gabriela Ozel Volfova: Citizen Movement in Turkey: The Case of Occupy Gezi Cenk Saraçoğlu: 2013 Uprising in Turkey: The Reversal of the Process of “Ideological Dispossession”

SESSION 68 Economy and Environment of Bronze Age in Central Anatolia 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 G107 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA 1474 1476

Meltem Cemre Ustunkaya: Studying local climate patterns through stable isotope analysis Nathan Wright: Results of wood charcoal analysis at Kaman-Kalehöyük, Central Anatolia, Turkey

SESSION 69 Jeunesses, changement social et politique (s) dans les sociétés du Maghreb et du monde arabe I: Étudiants et jeunes diplômés de l'enseignement supérieur du monde arabe: opinions, positions, mobilisations, valeurs et insertions professionnelles 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 G108 Moderators: Fatima Zahid; D:Ana Velasco Arranz; Sponsored by: Secrétariat d’Etat à la recherche du Ministère español de l’Économie et la compétitivité Ana Velasco, Fatima Zahid: Positions et représentations des jeunes étudiants en agronomie face à une situation de crise: mobilisations et changements dans les sociétés arabes et méditerranéennes Abellaoui El Hassane: Les mécanismes d’insertion professionnelle et sociale des jeunes diplômés d’origine rurale 0685

Samir Larabi: Les révoltes estudiantines en Algérie, entre tentation politique et corporatisme syndical. Le cas du mouvement de protestation de 2011 Mounira Chariet: Étudiants et diplômés algériens: stratégies linguistiques face aux inégalités des systèmes d'enseignement

Houria Sadou: Les aspirations des jeunes algériens et la stratégie de la réussite

SESSION 70 Classical Middle Eastern Literature I: Theory and Themes 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 G109 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Amidu Olalekan Sanni: Time and timelessness in artistic efficiency and authority: the discourse on periodization in Arabic literary theory 0151 and history 0195 1123

Ali Ahmad Hussein: A Unique Pattern of Love Poetry by Mulayh b. al-Hakam Marjan Ferdowsi, Nasrin Faghih Malek Marzban: The role of allegory and metaphor in the interpretability of sonnets by Hafez Shirazi

SESSION 71 Palestine: Solidarity and Resistance III Palestine and Indigeneity: Resistance and Solidarities 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 G110 Moderators: Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi; D: Joanne Barker Sponsored by Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Initiative (AMED) Leanne Howe: Indigenous and Palestinian activism and land tenure: Idle No More Dana Olwan: Idle No More, indigenous alliances and rhetorics of solidarity 1399 Eman Ali Moh’d Ghanayem: Shifting geographies: the triad of time, space/place, and indigeneity in American Indian and Palestinian fiction(s)

SESSION 72 Greek and Arab Political Thought I 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 G201 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Ikbal Bozkaya : Apolitical Freedom 1282 0838 0846

Almuth Lahmann: Yaḥyā ibn ʿAdī and Saadia Gaon as recipients of the Nicomachean Ethics? Katrin A. Jomaa: The Qur’anic Umma “Wasaṭ”, Aristotelian Justice of the “Mean” and the Arab Spring

SESSION 73 The European Union and the Middle East I 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 G202 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA 0579 0335 0954

Caglar Ezikoglu: The Role of EU in the Middle East Peace Process Ann Kristin Jonasson: Constructions of democracy: Meanings of “democracy” in the EU’s relations with the Mediterranean region Vincent Durac: The European Union and Egypt after the ‘coup’: the security/democracy dilemma revisited Julia Simon: The European Union´s perception of political Islam in the MENA region: Has the EU changed its mind?

SESSION 74 Sunni prophetologies: Discourses and representations 19.08.2014

09:00-11:00 G204 Moderators: Ruggero Vimercati Sanseverino; D: Mareike Koertner Nadjet Zouggar: The impact of Islamic philosophy (falsafa) on Ibn Taymiyya’s prophetology Mareike Koertner: To be or not to be – Epistemological Discourses on Prophecy in Early Hadith Literature 0986 Martin Riexinger: Prophetology in Muḥammad b. ʿAbd al-Wahhāb’s Mukhtaṣar Sīrat al-Rasūl Ruggero Vimercati Sanseverino: Classical vs Salafi Prophetology: the Mafāhim yajibu an tuṣaḥḥaḥ by Ibn ‘Alawī al-Mālikī (1944-2004) and the response of traditional scholarship to reformist narratives about the Prophet Muḥammad

SESSION 75 Gender and Citizenship in the South Shore of the Mediterranean 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 G206 Moderators: Alberto Tonini D: TBA Leila El Houssi: Women Participation in the Arab Spring and beyond: An overview Sara Borrillo: Moroccan Women Activists Waiting for the Arab Spring 0328

Alessia Belli: Gender Identity in Tunusia Public Debate Cecilia Dalla Negra: Egyptian Women between Authocracy and Theocracy

SESSION 76 Earth Architecture in West and North Africa 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00

G207 Moderators: Stéphane Pradines; Co-Chair: Christian Darles D: TBA Christophe Bouleau: Les mosquées en terre du Mali, conservation et architecture Chafik Benchekroun: La Qarawiyyīn originelle de Fès était-elle en terre crue? 0160 Marinella Arena and Paola Raffa: Draa Valley Tighremt Giovanni Perotti, Ottavio De Blasi, Marinella Arena and Paola Raffa: Tunisian Ksour for Humanity Heritage Mounia Chekhab-Abudaya: De l’usage de la terre dans la construction des qṣūr du Sud-Est algérien

SESSION 77 Gendering Faith: Arab Women and the Islamic Revival I 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 G208 Moderators: Zakia Salime D: TBA; Sponsored by Muwatin, the Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy Zakia Salime: Ferial Khalifa: 0902

Liv Tønnessen: Aitemad Muhanna:

SESSION 78 LOC Panel The International Dimension of Social Movements

19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 B Hall Moderators: Melike Kara Özberk Zelal Özdemir: Identity/Ideology and the Awareness of International Politics in Gezi Resistance Derya Göçer Akder: Linking Global Politics to Street Politics: The Case of Gezi Protests Kübra Oğuz: The International Politics of Green Movement in Iran

SESSION 79 Islamist visions on the demise? Comparing pretenders for a leadership role in the Middle East 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 B Hall Moderators: Henner Fuertig; D: Meliha Altunisik Henner Fuertig: The “Arab Spring”: Chance or Handicap for an Iranian Leadership role in the Region? Annette Ranko: The Fall of the Muslim Brotherhood: Implications for Egypt’s post-Arab Spring regional status Maren Koss: Hamas in decline? Mursi’s fall and its implications for the Islamic Resistance Movement in the Palestinian Territories 0247 Andre Bank: High Rise and Deep Fall? Turkey’s Position in Middle East before and after the Arab Spring Martin Beck: Regionalization of Regional Politics as a Result of the Arab Spring?

SESSION 80 Moving in and out of Islam in Europe and the Middle East II

19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 D Hall Moderators: Egdunas Racidus; D: TBA Karin van Nieuwkerk: Religious journeys with and without Islam Juliette Galonnier: Learning to Be Muslim, American and French Converts to Islam and the Collective Learning of Muslimness 0354 Nuri Tinaz: Conversion of African Carribbeans to Islam- A Sociological Analysis of the Nation of the Islam Members in the UK Nina Ter Laan: Cookies with Moroccan butter do not taste as good as with Dutch butter” Home-making practices and belonging among Dutch Female Muslim Converts in Morocco

SESSION 81 Politics of Contestation: The Jordanian Hirak (Popular Protest Movement) 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 F14 Moderators: Anja Wheler-Schoeck Maria Blanco Palencia: Radical Groups in Collective Action: Organization, Ideology and Strategy in the Hirak Movement of Jordan Ahmad Al Sholi: Preemptive tactics of the Jordanian State: Sudden Bureaucratization of the Newly Formed Teachers’ Trade Union Claudie Fioroni: The "Arab Spring" Effect and the Reshaping of the Jordanian Politics: The Contribution of the Independent Trade 0405 Unions to the Reform Movement in Jordan Shizuka Imai: The Development and Provisional Outcome of the Popular Protest Movement in the Era of the Arab Spring Sara Ababneh: Un/doing the Political: Women in the Jordanian Day-Waged Workers Movement

SESSION 82 Where is the state? rethinking government and politics in the Arab World 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 F16 Moderators: Jamil Mouawad Jamil Mouawad: In the Name of the “Weak” State, We rise above it: State-society Relations in Akkar, North Lebanon Katharina Lenner: ‘Teaching a man to fish?’ Paradoxes of state and development narratives in Southern rural Jordan 1275 Ilka Eickhof: Regulations from Beyond: The Governmentalization of Cultural Politics and Civil Society through Foreign Cultural Institutions in Cairo in the Frame of the so-called Arab Spring Fouad Marei: Émigrés and Mujahids: The Glocalisation of Development and Local Government in Lebanon

SESSION 83 Travelling Concepts: New Research Trends and Findings on Gender and Society in Morocco 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 F17 Moderators: Yasmine Berriane, Leila Bouasria; D: Bettina Dennerlein Aicha Barkaoui: Does research on gender in Moroccan universities help in deconstructing old sexist patterns? Leila Bouasria: Gender roles and ideologies within the couple of female textile workers in Morocco 0281 Meriam Cheikh: The sexual transaction theory applied to Moroccan cases Yasmine Berriane: Studying changing power dynamics within Morocco’s associational sphere through a gender perspective Hanane Darhour: Engendering political representation in the aftermath of the Arab Spring

SESSION 84 Venues of Artistic Creation 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 F19 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Selen Artan: Turkish Mosques as Venues of Cultural Production in New York 1043 0228 0410

Solmaz Mohammadzadeh Kive: “Islamic Art” in the Museum Asieh Harati: Domestic sphere, a Site of otherness or the space for creativity?

SESSION 85 Halal Food and Medicine 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 FZ08 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA 1077 1326

Abdul Aziz Mohamad Mohamad: Development of The Halal Industry in Singapore: A case study in the Impact of Halal Nutraceuticalα Deniz Parlak: Religion Desacralized: The Case of Halal Food

SESSION 86 Femme et Méditerranéité 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 FZ09

Moderators: Saïda Hamzaoui, Co-Chair: Mansour M’henni; D: TBA; Mansour M’henni: Discours féminin et méditerranéité Halima Ouanada: Le Personnage féminin dans le théâtre de Voltaire à source orientale 1437 Monia Kallel: Quête de légitimité et rêve d’Orient dans les écrits de femmes au XIXème siècle. Zouhour Messili-Ben Aziza : La femme et le terrorisme ou l’insoutenable violence dans l’Attentat de Yasmina Khadra et Oran, langue morted’Assia Djebar

SESSION 87 Rentier state structures and the competing discourses on citizenship 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 FZ14 Moderators: Ulrika Mårtenssonf, Abdulhadi Khalaf; D: TBA; Ulrika Mårtenssonf: The significance of umma in Muslim Brotherhood policy: problems and prospects of Islam as ethical foundation of civil rights Rania Maktabi: Female citizenship and the patriarchal order in Kuwait and Qatar: Rentierism and the politics of citizenship 0192 Abdulhadi Khalaf: Citizenship as a tool for Rent-allocation- the case of Bahrain Sabria al-Thawr and Connie Carøe Christianse: The Akhdam in Yemen – a stigmatized group in transition?

SESSION 88 Political Islam in Egypt II: Muslim Brotherhood 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30

FZ16 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Muqtedar Khan: Islam, Islamism and Democracy in Egypt after the Counterrevolution 1018 0146

Mona Farag: The Turbulent Relationship of Egypt's Military Forces and the Muslim Brotherhood

Mohamed Chami Mkouboi Abdoulkahar: A Comparative Study between Jamal Abdel Nasser Coup d’état in 1952 and Abdel Fateh Sisi’s 1324 Coup in 2013: The Dissolution and the Survival of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

SESSION 89 Moving Beyond the Primordialist-Constructivist Divide: How Does Sectarianism/Communalism Actually Work in Iraq, Lebanon, and Beyond? 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 FZ17 Moderators: Keiko Sakai; D: TBA Keiko Sakai: Plasticity and the Interchangeability of Boundaries among Traditional Social Identities and their Selectability in the Middle East Dai Yamao: The Transformation of Politicised Sectarianism in Iraq 0275

Kota Suechika: Reconfiguring Sectarian and National Identities in Lebanon: The Case of the Lebanese Army Yasuyuki Matsunaga: Theorising Cross-National Conflict Diffusion: How Does Sectarian Violence Spread in the Middle East and Beyond?

SESSION 90 Al-Sha‘ab Yathûru: Representations of “the People in Revolt” in Intellectual Production 19.08.2014

11:30-13:30 G101 Moderators: Layla Dakhli; D: Gennaro Gervasio Marianna Ghiglia: The Press and the “Revolutionaries”: Egyptian Newspapers’ Portrays of Insurrectionaries in the January 2011 – July 2013 Period Ifdal Elsaket: An Ambiguous Subversion: Egyptians in Revolt at the Cinema Mélanie Henry: We or I? The Self/Collective Dichotomy in Literary and Cinematographic Narratives of the Egyptian 1977 Uprising 0934 Ahmed Galal: “Rebelling in Arabic and Recording in English”: Depictions of “Shabab” in Cairo My City, Our Revolution (2012) Ahdaf Soueif Marion Slitine: Representations of Revolt in Palestinian Visual Arts: the Intifadas through the Eyes of Artists

SESSION 91 State Structure and Policy Making in Iran and Egypt 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 G102 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Zahra Ahmadipour: Evaluating Iran’s industrial clusters development program 0906 1192

Saleh Zamani, Dimokritos Kavadias: A comparative study on vulnerability of the state structure: Iran (1979) and Egypt (2011)

SESSION 92 Tribalism in the Middle East II: Tribes in Yemen: the view from within 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30

G104 Moderators: Najwa Adra; D:Saad Sowayan Mohammed Sharafuddin: Poetry and tribalism in Yemen Adel Mujahid Al Shargabi: The future political role of Yemeni tribal sheikhs in light of the expected outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference 0618 Fuad Al Salahi: The true role of the tribe in the Arab political scene: the case of Yemen Abdul Karim Alaug: Tribalism in the Yemeni National Dialogue Conference

SESSION 93 Gezi Uprising II: Resistance, Network and Discourse 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 G106 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Çiğdem Aksu Çam, Aydın Çam: Analysing Hemzemin Forum Post: building the discourse of an urban social movement 1379 1481 0519 1468 1370

Attila Aytekin: Reading Peter Weiss’s ‘The Aesthetics of Resistance’ in Light of June 2013 Protests in Turkey Gul Caliskan: Symbols and humor as works of justice and citizenship in the Gezi protests of Istanbul Ahmet Öncü, Gürcan Koçan: Balancing mixophobia with mixophilia: The network community of Gezi Günes Koc: An example of occupied house: Don Kişot social center and 'getting public spheres back'

SESSION 94 Lebanon in tension: political parties between modernity and ”new” traditional leadership

19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 G107 Moderators: Sabrina Bonsen Hussein Gharbieh: The Role of “Political Parties” in Lebanon in Enhancing Sectarianism Sabrina Bonsen: Amal and the Politics of Martyrdom in Lebanon between Tradition and Modernity 0503 Christian Thuselt: Between personal leadership and “training in morals” – Lebanese political parties as products of a hybridizationprocess

SESSION 95 Jeunesses, changement social et politique (s) dans les sociétés du Maghreb et du monde arabe II: Les jeunes en milieu rural au Maghreb. Opinions, stratégies de vie, participations et préoccupations 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 G108 Moderators: Abderrahim Bentaïbi; D: Noureddine Bahri; Sponsored by: Secrétariat d’État à la Recherche du ministère español de l’Économie et la compétitivité Abderrahim Bentaïbi, Noureddine Bahri, Thierry Desrues: Jeunes ruraux du Maroc: la question de la diversité des valeurs et des stratégies de vie de jeunes en contexte de contraintes sociale, économique et écologique Zhour Bouzidi: Insertion des jeunes ruraux dans les initiatives de développement: défis et capacités d’agence 0638

Hichem Amichi, Sami Bouarfa, Marcel Kuper: Le rôle des arrangements informels dans l’ascension sociale des jeunes ruraux au sein des agricultures irriguées en Algérie Hana Cherigui: Titre de la communication: Jeunes ruraux au Maroc: valeurs et strategies Fatima Zahid, Oussama Nah: Stratégies d’existence de la jeunesse rurale des montagnes au Maroc

SESSION 96 Classical Middle Eastern Literature II: Theory and Themes 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 G109 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Alireza Korangy: Tashkhīs as Didactic Pun: Animals and the Inanimate Prompting Social Consciousness in Parvīn’s Divan 1457 1351 1393

Faheem Hussain: The Surah Yusuf (q.12) and the case of the animals: analyzing literary qualities Mohammad Ragheb: Fictionality in Islamic Historiography and its Effect on Tarikh-e Bayhaqi

SESSION 97 Palestine: Solidarity and Resistance IV: Comparative Border Studies: Gender, Sexuality, and Intimacy 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 G110 Moderators: Nadera Shalhoub Kevorkian; D: Maria Josefina Saldana Portillo Sponsored by Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Initiative (AMED) Melissa Garcia: Summoning casual witnesses: border feminists and the politics of knowledge Cavlan Erengezgin: Where do the United Nations Security Council Resolutions on women, peace and security (in Kurdistan and 1486 Palestine) lead us? Sarah Ihmoud: Gendered and sexual settler colonialism: Israeli anti-miscegenation practices

SESSION 98 Greek and Arab Political Thought II

19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 G201 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Janne Mattila: Philosophical Prayer in Arabic Philosophy 1407 1433 1073

Elias Giannakis: Some Remarks on al-Fārābī’s Treatise on Vacuum Zora Hesova: A medieval philosophical view of religion: Al-Ghazali's Niche of Lights

SESSION 99 The European Union and the Middle East II: Morocco and Tunisia 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 G202 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Sedef Eylemer: European Neighborhood Policy and European Union’s External Governance in the Middle East and North Africa: An 1153 Effective Policy or Just Rhetoric? 1028 0719 0669

Zerrin Torun: The European Union and Change in the Middle East and North Africa: Is the EU Closing Its Theory-Practice Gap? Bosco Govantes Romero: 2005-2010: The settlement of a privileged relation between the EU-Morocco Fabian Stroetges: The European Union and Tunisia’s transition from authoritarianism: what relationship?

SESSION 100 Comparative Religious Studies I: Islam and Christianity in Medieval Period 19.08.2014

11:30-13:30 G204 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA 0327 0390 0235

Bulent Senay: “The Other” in the Paintings of 15th century Orthodox Bucovina Monasteries in Romania Irma Makharadze: Islamic-Christian parallels in the light of Religious Dialogue Alfons Teipen: Changing perceptions of Judaism in early biographies of Muhammad

Elif Tokay: Searching for the perfect human being: continuity and transformation of Gregory Nazianzen’s theosis theology in the 10-11th 0868 century Melkite Church of Antioch 1206

Mariam Nanobashvili, Enrico Gabidzashvili: Christian-Muslim debates held in Tbilisi in the 12th century

SESSION 101 The author in his own mirror: the self-representation in Islamic tradition 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 G206 Moderators: Samer Rashwani; D: TBA Samer Rashwani: The Quranic self-authorization: the authorship and the process of revelation Ruggero Vimercati Sanseverino: Healing the Umma through the veneration of the prophet: al-Qadi ´Iyad´s Kitab Al-Shifa and the defense of Sunnism in medieval Maghreb 0280 Serkan Ince: Reconstruction of the author and his epistemological principles: argumentation-theoretic analysis of the Ṣāliḥ ibn al-Ḥusayn al-Jaʿfarī texts on Christian teaching Ismail Yavuzcan: Naṣīr al-Dīn Ṭūsī: theory and practice of writing

Fatih Ermiş: What does the Muslim scholar mean, when he disgraces himself?

SESSION 102 Earth Architecture in Middle East and Beyond 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 G207 Moderators: Christophe Bouleau; Co-Chair: Stéphane Pradines D: TBA Rolando Melo da Rosa: The adobe-made abode of Islam: earthen architecture and the technologies of belief Stéphane Pradines: Ethnicity and earth architecture in Egypt: Diversity of Cultures and Materials in the Fatimid Town walls 0160 Christian Darles: La brique crue au Yémen, actualité. Atri Hatef Naiemi: Residential Compounds: Earthen Architecture in the Central Desert of Iran Adrienn Papp: Ottoman Earth Architecture in Buda (1541-1686)

SESSION 103 Gendering Faith: Arab Women and the Islamic Revival II 19.08.2014 11:30-13:30 G208 Moderators: Hilde Kjøstvedt; D: TBA Sponsored by Muwatin, the Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy Hilde Granås Kjøstvedt: 0905 Suheir Daoud: Zahra Ali:

Rouba Mhaissen:

KEYNOTE SPEECH by Samir Amin 19.08.2014 14:30-16:30 Kemal Kurdaş Hall

SESSION 104 Urban Restructuring and Urban Policy in the Arab World 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 B Hall Moderators: Günter Meyer; D: TBA Jonas Margraff: Patterns of neoliberal urbanization. Urban policy in Bahrain Azzurra Sarnataro: Contesting urban space in Cairo: towards new forms of urban citizenship? 0802 Carmella Pfaffenbach & Veronika Deffner: Temporary integration for a life in transition: The segmented urban immigrant society in Muscat (Oman) Najet Mouaziz Bouchentouf: "Batimet taliane" (Oran-Algeria) or attempted gentrification of a social housing district

SESSION 105 One Land-Two States: Israel and Palestine As Parallel States - Sharing Sovereignty to resolve an intractable territorial conflict | 19.08.2014 09:00-11:00 C Hall- ROUNDTABLE Moderators: Nimrod Hurvitz 1296 Mark Levine, Dror Ze'vi, Nimrod Hurvitz, Raja Khalidi, Hiba Husseini, Mathias Mossberg


Key figures in Ottoman intellectual history 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 D Hall Moderators: Helen Pfeifer; D: TBA M. Sait Özervarlı: Al-Ghazali defended or criticized? An examination of his perception among pre-modern Ottoman scholars Helen Pfeifer: A man of letters between Mamluk Cairo and Ottoman Istanbul 1198 Derin Terzioğlu: Ibn Taymiyya’s al-Siyasa al-shar‘iyya and its renditions in early modern Ottoman political thought Sara Nur Yıldız: Hacı Paşa’s commentaries: textual and learning communities and the transmission of Islamic learning to western Anatolia in the late 14th century

SESSION 107 Aspects of Early Republican Turkish History 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 F14 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Burcu Turan: "Blue Anatolia": A Narrative of Modern Nation Building Within the Context of "Mediterraneanism" 1091 Efe Arık: Bergson’s Philosophy against Ziya Gökalp and Durkheim’s Sociology in the journal of Dergâh throughout The National 1449 Struggle in Turkey 0697 0887

Yalın Alpay: Yirmi Kur'a Case Metin Yuksel: Between Two Nation-States: Ferzende's Story


Seyda Barlas Bozkus: Turning Invisible History To Visible One: A Multicultural Planning of Ethnography Museums In Turkey

SESSION 108 Culture and Identity of Kurdish People in Turkey 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 F16 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Volkan Gulsen: The Impact of the Kurdish Immigration Practices on the Civil Society Structure of Turkey 0832 1462 0292

Karol Kaczorowski: Social construction of cultural identity among young Kurdish migrants in Istanbul Engin Sustam: Art subalterne kurde et Transgression culturelle en Turquie

SESSION 109 Honor Crimes and Violence 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 F17 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Angie Abdelmonem: Mythologizing local knowledge: NGOs redefine sexual harassment in Cairo, Egypt 0165 0394 1472

Ibtesam Al Atiyat: Honor Crimes Discourse in Jordan, Revisited Nelly Ali: Street Families in Cairo: An Ethnographic Studies of Child Street Mothers, Gendered Violence and Gender Specific Services

Susana Galan: "Out of the street and the square, and into the Starbucks: Cartographies of sexual violence, political protest and neoliberal 0785 (sub)urban developments in contemporary Cairo"

SESSION 110 State and Society in the Post-Arab Spring Era 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 F19 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Janicke Stramer: Military-politicization and outcomes of regime-change: a comparative case study of civil-military relations in Tunisia 1166 and Egypt 0735

Hassan Ali Jamsheer: State and Society in the Arab World: Arab Revolutions in Search of Legitimacy

0766 Søren Schmidt: The Role of the military in Democratization during The Arab Spring. The Cases of Tunisia, Egypt and Syria

SESSION 111 Critiques of Modernity in Middle Eastern Literature 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 FZ08 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Maryam Hoseini, Nafise Moradi: The function of myth in post-colonial discourse in modern Persian novel 0208 1011 0581 1157

Sernaz Arslan: A critique of bureaucracy: Revisiting Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar’s “The Time Regulation Institute” Kara Abdolmaleki: The Return of the Repressed: The Neurotic Experience of Modernity in Iran Elvan Julia Sayarer: The Poetics of Spatial Mobility in Orhan Pamuk's İstanbul. Hatıralar ve Şehir

SESSION 112 Aspects Discursifs, Sociales et Politiques du Printemps Arabe 19.08.2014

17:00-19:00 FZ09 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Raja Daoues Fenniche: Réseaux sociaux et expressions sémiotiques dans la révolution tunisienne 1361 Mercedes Jiménez Alvarez: Régime frontalier dans la Méditerranée et révoltes arabes: nouvelles mobilités et nouvelles formes de contrôle 0524 en Afrique du Nord Menaifi Ferial, Gherbi Rokia: Le rôle desidées et le discours dans le changement politique et social selon l'approche constructiviste: étude 1312 de casles: les pays du "printemps arabe" 0545 1490

Kerdoudi Kolali Jawad: Impact du printemps arabe sur la politique et l’économie des pays du Moyen-Orient Hafsa Afailal: Craintes face à la nouvelle politique migratoire marocaine: analyse global de la politique dans son contexte euroméditerranéen

SESSION 113 Women's Clothing 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 FZ14 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Nadia Poorabbastahvildari: Women’s Clothing in Shahnameh Ferdowsi 0795 0631

Hadas Hirsch: Dress and colors in early Islam: a discourse in adornment and gender

Faezeh Esmaeili: Wearing Policy: Methods of Performing and Resistances, A Historical Sociology Analysis of First Unveiling Policy 1480 (1941-1925) in Iran

SESSION 114 Political Development and Democracy in Egypt 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 FZ16 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Solava Ibrahim: First things first: the 3C-Model of grassroots-led development and grassroots democracy in Egypt 0783 0977 1280

Misako Ikeda: Parliamentary Development in modern Egypt Amro Ali: Alexandria - a political laboratory in the struggle over public space

SESSION 115 Sectarianism, Tribalism and Kinship 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 FZ17 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Marieke Brandt: Playing the “al-Qaeda” card in Ṣaʿdah: Local power politics in Yemen’s northern frontier province 0258 1245 0852 0670

Özgür Dirim Özkan: Impact of Kinship Structure on Political Life: A Case Study in Pervari/Siirt Sarfraz Khan: Narrating Shia Rituals in the Re-emerging Sectarian Situation in Pakistan Valeria Ruggiu: Jordan’s Tribes and Regime Stability Permanent features of Tribal Behavior towards the ruling regime

SESSION 116 Comparative Religious Studies II: Islam and Christianity 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 FZ19 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Mohsen Ebadi: A comparative study between political Islam in Middle East and liberation theology in Latin America 1219 Gaetan Du Roy: Between ecumenism and sectarianism: a study on Coptic activists and the impact of charismatic Christianity on their 1330 commitment other evolution in Egypt 681

Fatiha Kaoues: Le développement du protestantisme évangélique au Moyen-Orient: le cas du Liban

SESSION 117 Sociology of Music in the Middle East 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 G101 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Ines Fabiunke: Music videos in the arab world: transforming the musical legitimacy hierarchies 1240 0915 1097 0167 0318

Elif Çağlı: Jazz as a soft power in Turkey- USA relations Michal Moch: The Arabic hip hop. Describing the contemporary cultural phenomenon in the Arab World Alessa Flores Vela: Music can be a tool of war Ratiba Hadj Moussa: Imagination and the poetics of indignation in the web: Maghreb music of/at the margins

SESSION 118 Democracy and Reform in Iran from a Historical Perspective 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 G102 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Farinaz Aryanfar: Democracy in Iran: an analysis of the effects of televised presidential elections' debates of 2013 0196 0250 0605 1129

Maziyar Ghiabi: The Politics of Drugs in Iran: everyday practices and ethical dilemmas Ivan Sascha Sheehan: Strategies for Change in the Middle East: Clarifying the Contested Concept of Regime Change from Within Reyhaneh Javadi: Historical Sociology Analysis of Short Term Reforms in 19th Century’s Iran

SESSION 119 Sacred Cities of the Middle East: Jerusalem and Medina 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 G104 Moderators: Theodora Zampaki; D: TBA Khalid El Awaisi: Jerusalem and Early Islam: Muhammad’s longing for the Holy Land 1045 1422

Theodora Zampaki: Ibn al-Athīr on the Conquest of Jerusalem (492/1099)

SESSION 120 The roots within: Socio-ecological struggles in Turkey under neoliberal developmentalism 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 G106

Moderators: Ethemcan Turhan; D: Fevzi Özlüer, Bengi Akbulut Begüm Özkaynak, Pınar Ertör Akyazı, Cem Iskender Aydın, Irmak Ertör: Towards a better understanding of environmental conflicts in Turkey: Statistical political ecology meets with societal metabolism Ethemcan Turhan: The Will to Adapt: Divergent developmentalism(s) in Turkish climate change adaptation policy 0863

Ayşen Eren: Water As “Commodity”, River as “Infrastructure”: What Does Massive and Rapid Small Scale Hydropower Development in Turkey Tell Us? Mine Işlar: Unrepresentables: The ecological citizen in social movements in Turkey Sinan Erensü: Rethinking commons against the repertoire of ecology activism in Turkey

SESSION 121 Women: Marriage and Education 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 G107 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Natasha Dar: Existing in the Liminal: Materializing Muslim Bodies and Marriages in the French-North African Immigrant Courtroom 0736 0547

Marzieh Kaivanara: Women's Empowerment: Restrictions and Contradictions

SESSION 122 Jeunesses, changement social et politique (s) dans les sociétés du Maghreb et du monde arabe III: Diversity des expressions et des localizations de engagement des jeunes dans le monde arabe. Demandes d'intégration, participations et contestations 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 G108

Moderators: Thierry Desrues; D: Yasmine Berriane; Sponsored by: Secrétariat d’État à la Recherche du ministère español de l’Économie et la compétitivité Thierry Desrues, Ana Velasco Arrant: Des jeunes Maghreb ins engages dans des actions collectives et le « printemps arabe » Zakaria Kadiri, Mohamed Tozy: Jeunes, leaders et agriculteurs: fragmentation de l’élite rurale au Maroc Eric Gobe: Le barreau tunisien dans la « révolution »: sens et portée des actions collectives jeunes avocats 0611

Claudie Fioroni: Clivage générationnel et mobilisations dans le sud de la Jordanie: le cas des mobilisations des « jeunes » demandeurs d’emploi Hind Ftouhi, Abdellaoui El Hassane, Mohamed Mahdi: L’implication des jeunes ruraux dans les projets de développement local (cas des projets de l’INDH et du PMV) dans la zone Meknès-El Hajeb au Maroc

SESSION 123 Arab Spring and Change 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 G109 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Jan Claudius Voelkel, Bahi Riham: Talking shops or power centres? The role of national parliaments in the Arab transformation countries 0153 0702

Anastasiia Nosova: Kuwaiti Arab Spring? The role of trans national factors in Kuwait’s contentious politics

Ilyas Saliba: The fourth dimension of authoritarian (in)stability? Conceptualizing the effects from international context during the Arab 0626 Uprisings 0416

Waleed Ali: “Disecuritization” of the Middle-East: the Post Arab-Spring Annette Jünemann: Normative Power Europe? An analysis of EU migration policies and its public perception

SESSION 124 Palestine: Solidarity and Resistance V: Queer Visions for Palestine: Contextualizing Colonialism and Diasporas 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 G110 Moderators: Gayatri Gopinath; D: Paolo Bacchetta Sponsored by Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Initiative (AMED) Umayyah Cable: Cinematic activism: cultural politics at the Boston Palestine Film Festival 1485

Joanne Barker: Indigenationalism: the politics of indigenous relations with Israel in the United States Haneen Maikey, Ghaith Hilal: Dismantling the image of the "Palestinian homosexual”

SESSION 125 Negotiating identity and modernity in middle eastern art 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 G201 Moderators: Silvia Naef; D: Martina Becker Mirl Redmann: Accessing the modern through the contemporary? The Withdrawal of Tradition Past a Surpassing Disaster” appropriated for the discourse about modern Arab art Elahe Helbig: Unrevealed Exchange. Early Photography in Iran 0349 Katrin Nahidi: Saqqakhaneh - Artistic concepts for Iranian modern art Charlotte Bank: The artist in Syrian society: official vs. unofficial art and the problem of engaged artistic practice

SESSION 126 Understanding Justice and Development Party Rule 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 G202 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Emine Bademci: The Role of Islam in the Ideology and Political Communication of the Justice and Development Party 0923 0974 0721 0968

Hatice Simten Coşar, Nalân Soyarık Şentürk: The Republic, the social and the individual: understanding the JDP’s regime Umut Bozkurt: Making sense of the Dynamics behind the hegemonic crisis of the AKP Melehat Kutun Gurgen: Seeking for the Theoretical Traces of JDP’s Authoritarianism: Its Assessment on Schmitt and Hayek

SESSION 127 Themes in Islamic Theology 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 G204 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Zeynep Yucedogru: Taḥrīf of the Bible or the Religion? Reflections from Ibn Taymiyya on the Corruption of the Bible 0792 1470 1244 1140

Youshaa Patel: The Social Imaginary of a 17th century Sufi-Jurist: Najm al-Dīn al-Ghazzī on Jews, Christians and Others Mehmet Paçacı: Muslim Apocalypticism and Today's Middle East Kadir Gömbeyaz: Heresiographical Classification in Islamic Literature


Patrick Laude: Reflections on the Quranic Notion of Ayāt and Some of Its Contemporary Implications

SESSION 128 Gender-based violence in the Middle East 19.08.2014 17:00-19:0 G206 Moderators: Marwan Khawaja Banu Akadlı Ergöçmen, Ilknur Yüksel Kaptanoğlu: Domestic violence against Women in different household structures Jinan Usta: Domestic violence in crisis settings 0979

Enshrah Ahmed: UNFPA strategy and framework for action to addressing gender based violence Mehrinaz El Awady: Arab national legislation on violence against women Cari Clark: Intimate partner violence, other family violence, and unmet need for family planning in Jordan

SESSION 129 Literature and Politics 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 G 207 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Nino Jikia: The Palestinian Problems in Ghassan Kanafani’s Novels 1317 0823 0174

Yaseen Ibraheem Kittani: Palestinian literature in light of the uprising: the novel of Sahar Khalifah as an example Mehri Abdi Miardan: Satirical Reflection of Social Issues in Golestan Saadi

SESSION 130 LOC Panel The European Union and the Eastern Mediterranean 19.08.2014 17:00-19:00 G208 Moderators: TBA; D: TBA Ozker Kocadal : The EU in Cyprus Peace Process: An Ambivalent Peacemaker Nilgun Öner: Turkey’s Role as an Energy Hub: Strategic Selectivity and Competing Strategies in the Eastern Mediterranean 1061 Emin Erol: Eastern Mediterranean and Energy Security

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